Re: High School – Sexy Hot Anime Dating Sim

Re: High School - Sexy Hot Anime Dating Sim

Re: High School – Sexy Hot Anime Dating Sim

Genius Studio Japan Inc.

*MOD Features*
1. Free Premium Choices
– No Ruby Consume

Android ver 2.0.9


Product Description


It’s graduation day, but things couldn’t be worse. You were framed for stealing girls underwear and from that moment on, you lost all of your friends, and life at school became a living nightmare. If only you could turn back time… Suddenly, you’re surrounded by a bright light and find yourself back at the beginning of the school year. You can finally talk to your childhood friend, the quirky transfer student, and your favorite senpai again!

You couldn’t be happier about this sudden miracle, but you can’t let your guard down! The true culprit is out there and if you let things go the way they did in the past, you’ll be framed for sure! Will you be able to solve the mystery and find love along the way? Find out in Re: High School!


She’s been your best friend for as long as you can remember and you’ve always gotten into all kinds of adventures with her. Will she be the one to believe you’re from the future and help you find the culprit?

This transfer student is more than a little quirky, but she proves to be a little polarizing with others and makes a few enemies at school… She seems to be having some trouble at home, but will you be able to help her out?

Kanade is your senpai and the head of the volunteer club that you decide to join. She’s very kind-hearted and also the reason you joined the club, but she seems to be afraid of falling in love. Will you help her overcome her past?

Re: High School – Sexy Hot Anime Dating Sim Ver. 2.0.12 MOD APK | Free Premium Choices


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